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Everyone needs some technical assistance from time to time. Whether your network is having connectivity troubles or a persistent infection has hijacked your PC, it’s reassuring to know you have an expert-level support staff at your disposal. And that’s precisely what McHelper provides. We solve computer problems so you don’t have to take your gadget to a repair shop. Let’s we’ll go over how our service changes the game in tech support and what you can anticipate if you join up.

What is McHelper Tech Support

MCHelper is a monthly membership service that protects your tech gadgets. The membership gives you 24-hour access to skilled computer specialists who can answer your queries, handle common tech issues, and conduct simple maintenance. Because the service is virtual, you don’t have to book an appointment for someone to come into your home or disconnect your devices to transport them to a repair facility. If the tech representative is able to help you through the solution, they will do so. If they are unable to get you up and running, they will utilize their technical equipment to fix your PC through remote access. Even if you are not a computer wizard, the McHelper team can help you get back on track.

What are the services provided by McHelper Services?

Whether you have a few basic queries or are having problems with your PC, the McHelper team is ready to help. They also support any brand of PC, not only HP. We can troubleshoot your Dell or Apple computer, since the McHelper staff is well-versed in both.

Here are a few of the most frequently utilized services:

1. Installation and configuration of software

Have you just purchased a new gaming or office productivity app? The IT experts can take you through everything from understanding where to install it on your PC to configuring it just right for your requirements. Additionally, if it’s a newer version of an older app, they may assist with removing the obsolete software and ensuring you get off to a good start.

2. Troubleshooting network connectivity

Is your internet connection constantly dropping? Do you have a DNS issue or are you unable to connect to your WiFi network? Router and connection problems are sometimes compounded by a large number of possible reasons. Allow the HP staff to troubleshoot the problem and get you back online faster and easier than if you tried to solve it yourself.

3. Disallow tracking cookies

Have you ever gone to an online merchant only to see advertisements for it on every other website you visit? This implies you are being monitored, and the McHelper team can assist you in blocking tracking cookies and regaining your privacy.

4. Parental control implementation

Whether you want to keep your children offline after dark or block hazardous information, McHelper can help you protect your home network so you can sleep easier at night. There is a safer method for your family to stream, surf, and talk, from passwords to network settings. The solution is generally a simple modification to your existing settings, which you can update on your own once you understand how it works.

5. Privacy on social media

Do you know who has access to your Facebook posts? Are you unknowingly disclosing them to the public? From social media experts to newcomers, it’s critical to get your settings just right to safeguard your information and keep you private when it counts. The McHelper staff can also assist you with your mobile devices.

6. Walk-throughs of how-to procedures

Have you ever read a technical article and then struggled to complete the task in real life? The McHelper team will assist you in dealing with these technical challenges by guiding you through the process step by step. They can take over if it requires a more advanced degree of tech expertise, but their cheerful, encouraging attitude is something to look forward to when you call.

7. Virus removal

What exactly is the distinction between a virus, malware, spyware, and ransomware? The McHelper team is aware of and will install the appropriate software to secure your devices and eradicate any malicious problems that may be hiding within your computer. You also do not have to wait till your device is infected. The McHelper team can assist you in fine-tuning your firewall and antivirus protection settings — long before anything bad happens.

8. Computer migration

If you’ve recently acquired a new computer, you’re aware that it’s a blank slate that doesn’t currently have all of your favourite apps and critical files from your previous machine. The McHelper staff can assist you with a migration, which is the process of transferring everything from your old PC to your new one. We can help you with everything from software licencing to your favourite images, reducing irritation and getting you back to using your PC in no time.

Eliminate your Computer Problems with McHelper Avoid repair shops and their hourly rates. Call us right now if you need help at home.

Benefits of McHelper Support

Having problems with your computer? McHelper specialists can assist you regardless of the manufacturer of your PC, device, or accessory. This is how.

Easily accessible

You can also use our toll-free number +1-863-913-1001 to reach us 24X7. If your internet isn’t working, you may contact our call centre via a different mobile device or your landline, and the phone agents will assist you through your problems.


More tech-savvy customers can undoubtedly find out how to adjust their Facebook settings or prevent their children from using WiFi after midnight. However, attempting to do it all yourself without prior expertise wastes time. What might you accomplish with the minutes or hours you spend looking for the exact instructions for your PC or router?
The MCHELPER staff has expertise with all of these things and can give you the best method to solve your problem in minutes. They will assist you in returning to productivity in much less time than if you had to figure it all out on your own. It’s also considerably faster than making an appointment with a local store, which may include disassembling your setup and transporting your equipment across town.

Reasonably priced

The service pays for itself in just one or two calls per year with our monthly membership plan. With many IT pros asking $100 to $200 per hour, getting a return on your investment is not practical. Many consumers wait until their problems are insurmountable before contacting a computer specialist. You can handle problems as they arise if you have us on call.
As part of your monthly charge, the McHelper team is accessible at any time, so you can call out with inquiries or for help before your issue becomes too costly or hard to solve remotely. From virus eradication to software upgrades, being proactive and dealing with issues as they arise is critical for the longevity of your computer.


Unlike guidance from an internet forum or an out-of-date article, McHelper solutions are accurate, current, and tailored to your specific circumstance. They are not just knowledgeable about one particular brand. You may cover any gadget from any brand and be confident that we will advise you if necessary.


MC Helper does not claim any affiliation with any product manufacturers or developers unless such relationship is expressly specified. The brand names and the pictures used in this website is only for reference purpose and customers are advised to contact the manufacturer first for all printer related problems. help and support for all the brands of printer are available on the product manufacturer website for free. Suggestions made on this website is only for helping the user to understand the issue and it should not be considered as a troubleshooting steps to fix the any printer or device related problem. MC Helper strongly suggests that any troubleshooting ( software and hardware ) should only be done under the strict supervision of an expert and anyone doing it on its own is doing it on his/her own risk and MC Helper should no way be held responsible for any loss of data ,hardware, product or backup of the user. MC Helper support representatives only offer subscription-based services to users who choose to avail services from us. ALL BRAND NAMES AND TRADEMARKS USED IN OUR WEBSITE, ARE PURELY FOR REFERENTIAL PURPOSES, AND ARE THE PROPERTIES OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS.